Sunday, January 19, 2020

You could make a tote Bag-Back Pack

Vinyl Bottom - 3 wide soft straps... wear as you want

Zipper closing inside top so bag can be carried any direction

Two loops inside to put this zipper neoprene bag with straps in it

Wednesday, December 19, 2018


how things were done<---

Two neckrolls from leftover fabrics

Tote Bag with Faux Fur Winter scarf

The instructions and progress of Gifts will be on my blog

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Art Outfits

Thank You Customers for Inspiring Me-Let Me Inspire You

So Today I was declared Art-Thank You customers

Lime Green Tubin' Pants, Lime Green Drapeneck Blouse with open slit sleeves and free flowing cardigan out of just Lace...

It all Starts with the Earrings(Covered Buttons) Lace over Green

Feeling a little sinful... I have a few clothes, since I sew everyday... and maybe at least 3 scarves for every outfit?...

and that's not all.....

Remember I have to stand in front of a room full of fabric at 2.97 a yard... so if it looks good and feels good... sometimes I have to buy some too....LOL

And YES, I make something everyday... sometimes the whole outfit... if nothing else on early work days a scarf to compliment what I am going to wear.

And Lookout I am getting ready to head into Quilting-Fullblown

Friday, September 1, 2017

Sew An Outfit a Day Before or After Work

A Quick Dress and Free Flowing Cardigan and Scarf or Two


Make Some Earrings out of Covered Buttons and Inspire Yourself

Then.... 10 minutes

Rip a Strip of Fabric and Cover an Old Bangle

 Cover some buttons... Make a  Pair of Tubins(20 min)

Make the Silk Blouse  and then the Cardigan

Baggy Pants, Long Tunic Top and Long Free Flowing Cardigan

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Dress outfits and Ideas

Hand cut glass pins fused in microwave/ Infinity Scarf made from G Street Fabrics in Rockville, MD Treasure Hunt Room @.2.97 a yard.... Their Quilting Fabric Batik For Tunic Top with Variegated Sulky Embroidery Floss found on clearance and a built-in machine embroidery stitch around the neckline-bottom-and sleeves edge-Pattern:

Simple pattern-good for cotton-no stretch needed-Lovely in Batiks

Yardage for plain tunic top with sleeves - 45" fabric

size 10-18 takes 1 and 7/8 yds

pants 2 and 5/8 yds skirt 2 1/8 yds

Monday, December 5, 2016

Latest sewing....


Double Sided Minky

Instructions on Billows

Hubpages article for Kittysews <-----

Baby Shower Presents


Burp Drool and Tinkle Set

 Other Side Pink Flannel - Added lace to bib and elastic for putting on... Cross stitched Princess in Pink and Machine embroidered a Crown on changing pad....

Red Minky blanket/changing Pad or Floor Crawler with a simple SleepyTime Doll with embroidered sleeping eyes and hair with a Pajama Hat on for baby clutching....These were last minute sewing so I forgot to take finish pictures....

Sock Monkey Quilt with Momma and baby Sock Monkeys....

 Sock Monkey QuiltBack

Lined these with Black one Sided Minky

 Dressed Momma Sock Monkey with Bib and Booties

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Totes for the Trip

Dresswear Tote-Boardwalk, Eat-out Wear

Pocket in corner for matching earrings.



Determined not to pack my clothes in grocery bags,

I made a tote for each category of vacation items.                            

The Dragonfly and shell fabric found on the 6.97 Upholstery remnant table in G Street Fabrics Home Dec Dept worked perfect for Vacation Beach Trip.

Big Totes-Half Yard for outside and contrast for inside.

The Plain Tote for Casual Walking Jeans-Shorts

The shell Tote for swim/Kayaking wear.

Clear Plastic covered Tote-inside and out for Kayakin' wet wear

Leather pieces for trim and snake skin type handle and clear plastic all from G Street Fabrics.

A dragonfly Tote for General Kayaking/ Swimwear.

And an additional Shell Tote for bed sheets and PJS

 The smaller Dragonfly tote was perfect for personals. 

These were made on the morning of the trip.  Make a tote, and pack it... put it to the doorway.  Make a tote, and pack it... put it to the doorway.... and on and on... Then throw them in the car and leave....... Okay, so I don't do anything ahead of time.  But I didn't have to go to the store for anything, all was there at my sewing machine....  

My kayaks were all in the car already and when I went to the grocery earlier in the week, I bought one extra roll of paper towels, one extra pack of toilet paper-septic safe, two extra boxes of cereal and bottles of water extra for the first two days of vacation, creamer and took my coffee container..... Ready set drive......  OKAY?!  I think I did GOOD!