Sunday, January 31, 2016

Nuno felting Scarf

Well, Now It has been a while since I posted on this blog.....
I have been sewing my normal wear items, shirts with draping in lycra or Matte Jersey prints and
matching poly poplin suits... that is my every day wear to work.
One thing that has interrupted my blogging is I started working 40 hours a week.  So no real time to blog if I am sewing between working...
I did do some interesting things for Christmas gifts....
Customers came into the store raving about this methodology and with the extra encouragement from a co-worker I tried it...
So here is a pic of my girls (anonymous facing)  I don't want them to find this blog and be mad that I put them on it for the public to see... so I took their faces out....

So they posed for the pic with their scarves on after they opened them

This is silk chiffon these used white base chiffon and then the fibers felted through the chiffon are actually moreno wool fibers died different colors and slightly varied with some silk fibers...
My Grand daughter thought it was so funny to have the scarves just happen to match their outfits that they had on to visit for Christmas!
Such a Coincidence...
Here is one that I did for my cousin when it was in the drying out stage before I ironed it to send.

You can see the fibers were Red, Orange, Yellow and the
Chiffon on this one was half Orange and half Red

Chiffon from G Street Fabrics and Merino wool fibers from various vendors so I could see which I liked best

Utube videos to teach you different methods 

This was a test to see if you could tell the difference in the color of the chiffon under the fibers and if it mattered that the chiffon was in two pieces at the center

 This is really an experimental phase like making your own fabric.

You could make a shrug out of the chiffon and then do the felting on it.

This shows how vibrant the moreno wool fibers can be after felting into the silk chiffon



Oh Yeah... Grandma got a Silkfaced Brocade Kimono Jacket


That was a quick and easy pattern...Simplicity easy-to-sew

I used the red and black silk-faced brocade because she likes red and black..(coupon+sale discount at G Street for this beautiful fabric.....  well worth it..

This is 3/4 length sleeves(I didn't want her to cook and catch the sleeve on the burner) and I made the jacket short since she is petite.

I have some green in the same type of fabric to make myself a long sleeve one and a pair of pants to match in a solid green.  I will blog it when I do it...


Now I am going to move over to my little sewing card table and lay out a Kwik SEW Coat....K4030 has all sizes in one

Tonight I am going to lay out the same coat in Brown and with Brown and black Leopard Spots on the Fleece.  The only thing is I only have enough to do the collar piece in the fleece I I have some dark Brown Double sided minky and some plain black minky... I am going to try to use the three to create another coat... I love this one soo much and since we moved to the warehouse I tend to wear it when I work if it is chilly.

here I will warm up your memory of the coat I made last year
The collar stands up to protect your ears, so you really don't need a hat or scarf, but I made a scarf of the leftovers and quilted it for fun

Finished-and worn today...

Collar worn flat or up
one side of the coat is Brown Double sided minky-Blanket..ewww
The other side is plain black minky but quilted on to a piece of flat batting before sewing it together... TOTALLY Reversible with big warm pockets!

Kwik SEW Coat....K4030 has all sizes in one

with Pockets..

You may remember the blanket coat I made out of Polar Fleece that had a big collar and then I had to add weight to the color so I used some of my on hand minky and quilted it to the collar and then proceed to do the whole thing so it was reversible-and it has pockets

SOMETIMES THEY DON'T Look anything like the Pattern Picture and maybe even better... Both of these Jacket patterns were very easy and quick.... I LOVE QUICK!

 I thought it looked soo much better than the pattern!

 I have some other things laid out here, but the coat is necessary...some scarf felting materials, a couple of quilts-but quick ones and next after the coat I have to finished this clear plastic covered tote and it will be lined with undetermined, probably batik that i have in blues and then another layer of clear plastic inside.

This is fabric that I had printed of my kayaking view and it will have snakeskin handles

The other side is an evening in Ocracoke on the Sound at Sunset kayaking ..

The line will be ironed out the handle will be shaped and the inside will be lined with fabric and more clear plastic... this is to throw my kayaking clothes in if I am wet and not get my car wet...

Now I will go to work and we will see when I come back what is accomplished