Friday, May 15, 2015

I haven't been totally kayaking away.... Check out

I have shortened the progress of quillows by producing
BILLOWS...   I had some double sided minky for gifting, so
I am making some BILLOWS...

Blankets fold into pillows.... in your url will get you the whole process


Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Where is Kitty Now?

So, why am I not blogging...   check out

One of my other blogs... when the sun is shining!

Yes, I am sewing... just can't do it allll at once.... so when I take pictures of some of the fantastic things I have finished and given... or worn... I will post..  I am getting ready for my vacations, so there will be beach clothes to post, but most importantly I am working on Birthday gifts and special people gifts along with my new fabric designing which keeps me busy but does not keep me away from the sunshine on my brain kayaking!!!
Life without kayaking would be a life missin'!
God wouldn't have made Sunshine and Water if He didn't want us to enjoy it!  
These Heron Agree!!