Monday, December 5, 2016

Latest sewing....


Double Sided Minky

Instructions on Billows

Hubpages article for Kittysews <-----

Baby Shower Presents


Burp Drool and Tinkle Set

 Other Side Pink Flannel - Added lace to bib and elastic for putting on... Cross stitched Princess in Pink and Machine embroidered a Crown on changing pad....

Red Minky blanket/changing Pad or Floor Crawler with a simple SleepyTime Doll with embroidered sleeping eyes and hair with a Pajama Hat on for baby clutching....These were last minute sewing so I forgot to take finish pictures....

Sock Monkey Quilt with Momma and baby Sock Monkeys....

 Sock Monkey QuiltBack

Lined these with Black one Sided Minky

 Dressed Momma Sock Monkey with Bib and Booties

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Totes for the Trip

Dresswear Tote-Boardwalk, Eat-out Wear

Pocket in corner for matching earrings.



Determined not to pack my clothes in grocery bags,

I made a tote for each category of vacation items.                            

The Dragonfly and shell fabric found on the 6.97 Upholstery remnant table in G Street Fabrics Home Dec Dept worked perfect for Vacation Beach Trip.

Big Totes-Half Yard for outside and contrast for inside.

The Plain Tote for Casual Walking Jeans-Shorts

The shell Tote for swim/Kayaking wear.

Clear Plastic covered Tote-inside and out for Kayakin' wet wear

Leather pieces for trim and snake skin type handle and clear plastic all from G Street Fabrics.

A dragonfly Tote for General Kayaking/ Swimwear.

And an additional Shell Tote for bed sheets and PJS

 The smaller Dragonfly tote was perfect for personals. 

These were made on the morning of the trip.  Make a tote, and pack it... put it to the doorway.  Make a tote, and pack it... put it to the doorway.... and on and on... Then throw them in the car and leave....... Okay, so I don't do anything ahead of time.  But I didn't have to go to the store for anything, all was there at my sewing machine....  

My kayaks were all in the car already and when I went to the grocery earlier in the week, I bought one extra roll of paper towels, one extra pack of toilet paper-septic safe, two extra boxes of cereal and bottles of water extra for the first two days of vacation, creamer and took my coffee container..... Ready set drive......  OKAY?!  I think I did GOOD!


Sunday, May 15, 2016

KittySews in a One Room Studio


Coffee is the foundation of Consciousness and I have coffee if nothing else....

Follow Your Dream is what I am trying to do.... so when I have a house on the water goal it is on the little board with the Gold Rosary.... I have had two in my sites, but both sold..... which is probably a good thing... they just weren't meant to be.

The beveled glass is what I used to do when I had a real studio.   Now I just do a little glass fusing, but it makes me happy.

I am looking for a new dream to follow in the respect of a place to live on the water.   I need to have a little studio room, the house doesn't need to be big, but I want to live the rest of my life on the water where I can kayak every day.

It doesn't need to be much ... I can make do.  This window view is all I have now, but it makes me happy.  It is open all day and night and no mosquitoes fly in at all.... and the rain doesn't come in either!


This is my bed-sofa-place I lay out my patterns when the card table isn't big enough!  The cats have to wear sunglasses because of the glare from my cinderblock window..... But that Black Minkie is soooooo Comfy!!!



 Above my cats you can see my microwave to fuse glass in and my accuquilt forms and my various button drawers etc....   under the microwave is shelves with various sets of gift items to make for showers, birthdays etc.

The clear plastic drawers have buttons, lace trim, thread, miscellaneous embellishments for small items.

There is my body double with beach hats on.... I am ready to go to the beach!

So I have 5 weeks till Kayak beach time-  So time to get things done.



I have to label the bins... my memory is failing.

This is the wall of my personal space.

  I have all of my fabrics by type in floral bins that are the walls to my living area.

The 'magazine file boxes'  are really the pattern file boxes and are organized by

Dresses-Suits-Jackets-Beachwear-kayakwear.....and favorites, like my draping blouses I wear almost everyday.

Bins are - Matte Jersey- Suit (poly poplin)and coordinates-quilt projects- tote bag material - miscellaneous craft bins - embroidery sewing machine cards for my pfaff sewing machine - and accuquilt miscellaneous.....  Oh yes...Things I am making people...

So tonight I have to label, move things around and clean because I can't find my embroidered doggie heads for finishing my billow.  

Tomorrow is Monday, so I have to pull an all nighter and do  this, so Tuesday I am free for whatever comes my way.

This blog is my way of keeping myself in check.  No one cares whether I do what I say, but if I blog it, I must do it!??






Everyone needs toss pillows with their coffee!


Yes, it's comfy! -  A Little Minky, a little leopard... a little chenille... a little combo... get off of work and dive into the corner