Saturday, May 28, 2016

Totes for the Trip

Dresswear Tote-Boardwalk, Eat-out Wear

Pocket in corner for matching earrings.



Determined not to pack my clothes in grocery bags,

I made a tote for each category of vacation items.                            

The Dragonfly and shell fabric found on the 6.97 Upholstery remnant table in G Street Fabrics Home Dec Dept worked perfect for Vacation Beach Trip.

Big Totes-Half Yard for outside and contrast for inside.

The Plain Tote for Casual Walking Jeans-Shorts

The shell Tote for swim/Kayaking wear.

Clear Plastic covered Tote-inside and out for Kayakin' wet wear

Leather pieces for trim and snake skin type handle and clear plastic all from G Street Fabrics.

A dragonfly Tote for General Kayaking/ Swimwear.

And an additional Shell Tote for bed sheets and PJS

 The smaller Dragonfly tote was perfect for personals. 

These were made on the morning of the trip.  Make a tote, and pack it... put it to the doorway.  Make a tote, and pack it... put it to the doorway.... and on and on... Then throw them in the car and leave....... Okay, so I don't do anything ahead of time.  But I didn't have to go to the store for anything, all was there at my sewing machine....  

My kayaks were all in the car already and when I went to the grocery earlier in the week, I bought one extra roll of paper towels, one extra pack of toilet paper-septic safe, two extra boxes of cereal and bottles of water extra for the first two days of vacation, creamer and took my coffee container..... Ready set drive......  OKAY?!  I think I did GOOD!


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