Sunday, May 15, 2016

summertime ...summertime...sum sum summertime...ewwwie Vacation soon...a little cold out there

This is a summer white jacket simple quick pattern.  The fabric is stark white some kind of crinkle polyester.  It came from the designer bins so there is none anywhere else.  You can see I utilized my dragonfly fused glass pin.  It matched this dress exactly.  The scarf was the same print as the dress fabric, but on chiffon instead of Jersey.  They also were fished out of the designer bins in 2.97 Treasure Hunt Room at G Street.

This dress was a combination of my favorite Blouse pattern with the draping neckline-Butterick 3131... and I just overlaid the pattern for the top over the front of the pattern that I like that has no facings.  McCalls 6559

When I made this dress I also made the tie jacket so there was a jacket to wear on the boardwalk if it was chilly.  Same pattern number McCalls 6559  and I made my usual scarf out of the jersey to wear under the lapel, when I wanted something more substantial than chiffon around my neck.

 Yes I have a few odd scarves..

 I am trying to clean up things so I can go on vacation with a rested mind.

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