Friday, April 8, 2016

Kittysews Summer Dress Patterns

This is the dress that I made yesterday, before I went to work, and wore it to work.

Fast and easy... Simplicity 2189

This pattern has a tank I love and actually it is ALL good!

Front and Back Piece (I cut both on the fold)  This fabric is wide  and then you just have 2 strips for your arms and 1 strip for your neckline.  Sew to inside of the neck and arms first with right side of strip to the wrong side of opening and then fold over and top stitch dress is done.

Easy to adjust.. just measure yourself and make sure the width of your top is wide enough and the width of your hips is wide enough and it is a great pullover dress.  Front is slightly lower than the back and I seam the top binding in the back so I know which side is the back when I grab it to put it on.

 This was material from where I work. 

Work outfit 

Pins I make can be seen on  this link:

  My Creation site (pins and experiments)

Want to buy fabric -   This is the place

There is even a 'Treasure Hunt' room with fabric for 2.97 a yard  Store pics on this link:

G Street Fabrics   

We are having a 25% off sale on everything in the store right now.  Fabric of every kind.  This is matte jersey print.  I have to not look at the table.  I would want one out of every color.  4-8-4016


My other favorite dress pattern that has no facings and can be used with a nice tie wrap jacket or shrug-however you chose to make it.   It has no facings either and both you just turn under the edges and top stitch.  Quick and Easy because you can make it with matte jersey and great for going to the beach where I love to go and then after you get out of your kayak, you can throw on the dress over your bathing suit and jacket and walk on the boardwalk.   -  I have no solution for swimmers hair or kayak hair as I get...  Ha Ha...  I guess the next thing I could add is some kind of beach hat...


The scarves are something I always make with my dresses.  They are leftover material long enough to go to the edge of my blazers or suit jackets and you can stitch the ends together and use them as a circle scarf and if you hand stitch the ends they can be both...  I like to put pins on my lapels and a scarf that matches my dress or shirt around my neck to give a contrasting accent to the solid color jackets.  This dress I always put a short slit on each side of the bottom so when I use it with my flip flops it looks appropriate.  This one is my favorite vacation dress with slinky shrug that ties.  Then you can tie the scarf around your head.....

The Purple and white dress above was cut out at the same time as a Pink purple and white one I have and the Purple shrug can go with 3 dresses I have so it is the best pattern for quick and go.   I did adjust the neckline up for me.  It was a little low for me to wear to work and when I feel beachy but have to go to work I like to wear my beachy dresses. ( Beachy not Bi-chy)

 This is a Long Tie Jacket 

I find that when I buy the Matte Jersey if I get the whole piece or roll, or if in the 'Treasure Hunt Room' that I can always use the extra for the Tank that is in the 2189 Pattern.  It is quick and easy... Then I have a tank to wear with my Jean Shorts or Kayaking shorts.  Yes, I have a lot of clothes.

If any pattern is out of date you might be able to find it by searching on Ebay by company and number or dress style but add sewing pattern to your search or you will get regular dresses to buy.

Since I wear suits and suit jackets to work, I have a black, burgundy and white jacket I can switch off with dresses.  Then when I wear them at the beach I wear the jersey shrugs or circle chiffon tops.  That will be my next post as I am making some for a friend and I.... quick and easy.