Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Okay, I can't help it... For everything I finish there are five things on the table that have been planned, cut or just laid out...  Sooo, You know I didn't finish the quilt yet... Planned it though, and got the new batik fabric by buying groupons so it would be half price.... but... I now started designing fabric and I end up forever in paint or whatever I am designing in and fall into the computer....

You know what I mean... I used to fall into Youtube and play music and sing along... then it was fall into clicking on the latest news.... and I many times fall into Zillow looking for the perfect waterfront cottage where I can push my kayak into the water from my own yard.  Yes, they are out there, rentals and sales, I only need a one bedroom, but it must be a cottage... and of course I either have to totally relocate or I have to be within an hour of my favorite store-G Street Fabrics...  I love gliding around the water and taking pictures..  that is of course my other website  www.Kittykayaking.com   so you can see my procrastination dilemma.

I decided to add a couple of cute pics

Here is a flower girl dress I made one of my daughters many years ago... she is in her thirties now

She loved this dress, or maybe it was I loved this dress and her in it.

 What is more fun than creating a fairy princess with your own daughter and a little witch with her broom only she was really an angel....  Just remember if you do something with feet to put the grip stop fabric on the bottom because the year before she was a penguin and I didn't and she fell down in the parade after she had won a ribbon.   My bad.

Later the princess became Red Riding Hood
Everyone needs a velvet hooded cape and a painted picnic basket for grandma's goodies

This was one of my other daughters school pictures dress with the ruffles around the neck and down the side of the front and I think she even had ruffles on the bottom.

Here is one where I was really young and I was going to a party so I made a tank with a see thru over shirt and the cuffs and yoke out of the same material as the tank and OMG a Velvety A-line skirt.  I thought I was cool.. not because of anything but because I made my own clothes.... No matter what was going on with me-there is nothing like a new outfit I just sewed up before I left the house.  Those last minute duds were always the most fun.  I really hate shopping.  I will do anything to keep from going through the store and never finding what I want or never in my size.

So now I am going to peruse my pictures to see if I can find my heron pictures to make some heron design fabrics.... I just did some yellow finches and I have done a few kayaking prints.   So, probably in a few blogs I will show you some of my creations with my own fabrics....

I love sewing!!!  and kayaking of course.  So you will see some of my new beachwear that I have made for my upcoming kayaking vacation.

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