Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Where Does the Time Go?

Okay, I have dragged my feet on this blogging thing.  Sewing?.. Yes, every day.   It is kind of hard to work in a fabric store and not have your mind constantly creating things.

The quilt status... Okay... I really didn't like the corners when I put the colors together... I will slip in a picture tomorrow.   I have to get some shuteye so I can go to church... then drive by the lake and the post office tomorrow...    I actually designed some fabric, so I have an order coming in to make some special quillows.   I will post them with the new fabric when I have them together.

Right now I have to finish this quilt... so I got some of the new batiks to do the back with and I think I am going to do the weaving for the back with some large borders.   Then I will quilt the top separately from the back so two layers of flat batting.  Quilt the top first with some free motion quilting.  Then put the back together and quilt it separately but leave the large borders free so I can quilt through with a nice design on the borders and small strip side borders and outline quilt the log cabin blocks on the corners...  So there is the plan.  Now you will see how far I stray from the original plan.  This one is taking so long because I want it to be special and I keep changing what my thoughts are on what it should look like.     I have a couple of months till vacation and I have to get that wardrobe together... I will be swimming and kayaking everyday so I will blog about what I am sewing for vacation also.  Bathing Suits-wraps-tie skirts- and coverups.  There isn't much room for fru fru with all my kayaking toys, kayak and motor in the car.   And then I will see you at the beach..............ummmm I can't wait... I am sitting here with a blanket on right now.

When I got backing for the quilt, I used groupons so I could get twice as much and cover the seat of a cushioned folding chair and an ottoman in the same fabric.  Things she can use or fold up and put away...  I am thinking the ottoman will be the same ribbon type but come from the center...

The legs, head and tail are beige acrylic felt, shank sew in button eyes and dark green faux fur shell.. welll I liked it!
Now this is the same grand daughter that I made this Time-Out Turtle for... whenever she wouldn't do what her mother told her when she was a toddler she had to go sit on Time-Out Turtle.

She is in college now, so I better not make that Ottoman too colorful or the chair upholstery.  Her mother has to remind me she is all grownup now.... She is still my little grand daughter in my mind

Yeah Yeah Yeah  I am still procrastinating!

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