Monday, March 2, 2015

Simple and fast Blankets and Quillows - Pillow Gifts

When I made things for the big girls, I made a velcro shut quilted minkie pillow case with machine embroidery for my grand daughter to carry in the car.

This is a faux fur on one side and leopard fleece on the other with just a cat in the corner embrodery.

A quick one piece quillow made by batik on one side and another batik on the other quilted in the same pattern as the pillow pocket is pieced.  The only extra sewing is piecing the pillow pocket before putting it on the quilted quillow base.

One side of the Twin Size quillow with the pocket sewn on pieced side inward

Opposite side of quillow laid out

Quillow folded into the pillow pocket

 Minky Stork Bag of Baby sets-quilted swirls minkie to double as a blanket

Shower Stork bag minky Quilty  in use

Quick and easy wild minky blanket-envelope fold and flip close opening... make little bag out of left overs with pull string for gift packaging

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