Sunday, February 22, 2015

Baby Gifts and Ideas

                                         I used to love to do Burp Drool and Tinkles in Baby Baskets

 The Bear Themes were put in a Big Basket with Bear Arms and legs on the sides holding everything..  Yes, it did look like cruelty to stuffed bears.... But it was sooo cute...
Reversible Terry Fleece hooded Bath towel, Quilt and Baby set in Cruelty Basket and yes a bear too.
The opposite sides of these sets are themed flannel.  In this case dalmations of course.

I started making baby gifts in my teens for new babies when I couldn't afford to buy a nice gift.
By the time I was working a job where I met lots of people I would make baby sets and take them to work and people would buy them to have a nice home made gift.  Then as I got older I made gift baskets for church bazaars and my children gift donations for fundraisers.  Sometimes these would include scrapbooks with themes and musical buttons inside of the front of the scrapbooks.

Photo Albums with Music Boxes inside Theme cover went in Baby Baskets

        These are the sets I do now.  I try to stay in a theme with Baby sets and Quillow sets.
Land Before Time Set
                                            Frog Set with Frog Reversible Quilt Set

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