Sunday, February 22, 2015

Decades Gone by in Dresswear Old and Young

Sooooooo...Sewww....  As I stated in my last post I am going over old pics... here is some of the dresswear and baby clothes I made 50 years ago

1966 Class of 1967 Senior Class Wittiest Female
I made most of my clothes in High School and especially special occasions.  This was just a simple cotton shirtwaist out of a dark brown coarse cotton.
1965 Dress and Jacket School Dance
1966 High School Dance

School Dance 1967
School Dance 1967 Had a Matching Stole-Wrap

As the years passed there were the events that made us feel grown up.... Weddings, honeymoons, houses, with which came home decorating.
Work Outfit Now with Lycra Shirts-Scarves and Poly Poplin or Gabardine Suits

Suits and Shirts of Many Colors add Many Choices to Wardrobes

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