Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Making Children's Clothes

The babies are so cute you just want to do everything for them, so I did the nursery theme, the bedroom themes, but even cuter was when they were toddlers and they watched you make their clothes and then they put them on and danced around or posed for a picture and said mommie made this it was soooooooosewwwww cute!
This was the first little man suit I made and he wore it for Easter. 
I am sorry, but now I see the matchie matchie people say about me.... I actually put the hearth tiles in and tried to match the design in the draperies and toss pillows and quilt I had.

Fire truck appliqued Ribbing Cotton tshirt
 In 1978 I decided to make T shirts with an appliqued fire truck on them.  I had no idea what I was doing, but I took Ribbing and made little sleeves and a turle neck for my son and his cousins so they could all look alike for Christmas.... The shirts were green and the fire engine red...  I just used scrap cotton for the applique and you can see there was a fireman driving the fire engine and a long ladder.
I believe I did hand embroidery for parts of the truck... I was soo proud, I don't think anyone noticed but me.

Overalls were always fun to make with little pockets and if enough fabric a jacket for mom
I can remember these fabrics like yesterday... Of course the baby is in her thirties, and just as sweet as ever.  The fabric was really a suede like fabric.

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